3 John                                                               

We Need Eachother
The following devotional may only make sense if you have read the very short book of 3 John. I highly encourage you to take a minute to read it first. There is a link to the right to the Blue Letter Bible if you would like to click it and read!
I just love having hope in the midst of all the trouble the world has. When the world seems to be going bad when there once was prosperity, life starts to hurt. We do not always know the reason why, but we know God. We know that He will address the wicked in His time and we always have hope in Him taking care of us because He is a good and loving God.
Why then, do bad things happen to God loving people? This is not in contradiction to His nature so we can be assured God’s nature is always consistent and good. We also know that Satan comes to God and has to get permission before he sifts anyone like wheat (Luke 22:31- Simon Peter). There are things in the spiritual world that are bigger than we are and we simply do not have enough information to understand all of it. Bottom line, we need stay in the truth and faithful through it all and God will take care of you. The ultimate rescue is to die in this world and live with God in heaven, our hope and joy! At that point, the evil one can harass us no more!
While we are harassed during our passing through this world we must help one another who are in Christ, especially those carrying the word of God to reach and encourage others. We are not all missionaries, but we are all part of sending the message out to those around us and to support those who do. What we need to do is stick with the truth of God and be in His word and prayer. Be faithful. Keep doing good, even when worldliness is bulldozing its way causing havoc in our lives.
Befriend others in Christ and edify (and reprove) and grow close to them. In contrast, Proverbs warns us to be careful who we become friends with because they have the power to drag us down! 3 John encourages us to keep doing good and likewise, hang tightly with those who have Christ in common with us, helping each other out along the way. In all of this, it is wrong to say we should not reach out to the lost because we are called to do so. What I am saying is while reaching out to the lost, keep yolked with believers so you are not tempted to stray.
Be aware of those who claim to be in the church but do evil (even when it’s culturally expected evil) and address them. Those that hurt the church and lead others to do the same must be addressed, John plans to do this as it is clearly stated in 3 John. Addressing a wrong could very well be welcoming conflict, which is almost never fun. But, for the sake of the name of God, we must address it. John is giving us a good example to follow of putting it out there and securing God’s goodness!
While we are supporting those carrying the message of Christ, we may not always have them close to us, but should be eager to spend time with them when we can and take care of them from afar! Build godly friendships in person when we can and always when we are apart, too! And help, help, help them, as 3 John states the church should be their only source of financial help (taking no money from the world). Love for each other will flow out of this for us as it did John and his friend, Gaius, the missionary. Their love-bond was strong. We were built to need each other, when we fulfill this need in Christ with Christ centered people, it can be very satisfying, and dare I say fun and exciting?
It’s a short book, but I’m loving writing about it! I hope you gleaned something godly from my thoughts on studying 3 John. All glory be to God!!!
3 John