5 Best Ways To Start Feeling Worthy

5 Best Ways To Start Feeling Worthy

What makes you feel worthy? How do you feel worthy? Who makes you worthy? Does your mind consist of being worthy? Does you spirit live up to being worthy?

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Matthew 10:31

   "So do not be afraid, you are worth more than many sparrows NIV"

1. The first question to ask yourself is "What makes me feel worthy "?

       Begin to give yourself 10 seconds and think about this question. I mean really think about it. Some of you that maybe reading this now, may not have an answer to this question. Then some of you can create a list from the top of your head. Let's get a little personable. Music, people, compliments, clothes, and much more can make us feel a certain way. The most important feeling we should be focused on is Jesus. How does Jesus make you feel when we have left church being refilled with his presence? How does our father make you feel when we have worshipped your heart out to him in your car, bedroom, living room, kitchen table, and prayer rooms? How does one verse from the bible make you feel, when you have read the perfect scripture on a terrible day at work ? Maybe you have just gotten some bad news and you need some instance encouragement from God. Then he sends the right message at the right time to lift you up in your feelings. From this step forward start thinking about the way Christ calls for you to feel worthy.  
2.  "How do you feel Worthy"? 

   This question can lead into many different conversations. The point that I would like to leave here is that, the how is really up to you. How much time are you getting to know God? How much time are you spending reading his word? How much time are you praying? How many times have you dedicated your gifts inside of your church? How many times have you communicated with God in your daily routine? When you spend more time with God, and in the presence of Jesus he will teach you how to feel beautiful and wonderfully made. 

3. "Who makes you feel worthy" ?

   1 Timothy 1:15 "Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance. Christ Jesus came into this world to save sinners, of whom I am the worst."  The full answer to this question of course is Jesus. Without him laying his life down for us, we wouldn't be able to see God's heavenly places that is stored just for you and me. His the fullness of our who, how and why. We should always gives thanks for Christ laying down his life so that we can be called worthy.

4. "Does your mind consist of being worthy" ?

  Worthy Family the bible has stated to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. Many times in our lives we wonder, ponder, overthink, stress, lack of motivation , depressed and much more. We all know that the mind can control the body. So as you are reading this, I ask for you to start thinking worthy. How do you think worthy? Here let me give you some examples. Instead of shaming yourself from guilt and shame of the devil. Start saying " Lord I know that I've messed up please forgive me, and I know you have called for me to live and think worthy". Dealing with becoming more patient in your thoughts. "Jesus the fruits of the spirit says to have patience. Sometimes I get in the way of your work with having obsessive thinking. Wondering if the plans you have will come to pass. Please lord write your love on the tablet of my mind to think more like you".

5. "Does your spirit live up to being worthy" ?

    Our spirit is a living source to whatever we feed it. Are you feeding your spirit to ungodly music daily? Or are you feeding your spirit to the praise and worship music you hear every Sunday ? This is a very important question. In reference of the bible Satan had a partake of using tabrets known as tambourines in our days. Which is a instrument that creates a sound. I want to insure you to be very careful as to what you are letting into your ears and spirit. This can come from music, people, places, sounds, commercials and much more. Let your spirit be fed with Christ day in and day out. I also encourage to start taking breaks from social media. Sometimes we spend much effort scrolling to see the lives of others. Trying to keep up with the latest trend. Please watch what you let enter into your spirit. If you do anything do it for the glory of God.



Worthy family I pray and hope that this first blog will be a blessing to you.

Let's live, think and feel worthy together. 

Love, Tiffany 

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