About Us

 About Worthy In God : 

Worthy In God is a Christian apparel community ministry. It is a brand service that spreads love in God’s perspective Through clothing. In our unique way of bringing people to Christ. A judge-free zone. The message of being worthy attached to our clothing pieces is our Identity. More than anything this brand's purpose is to spread the word of God. Letting people know that their worth is found in Jesus. Furthermore, to create an atmosphere of focused mindsets to stay on the path that God has called for us to be on. To not allow the enemy to steal our joy, peace, and happiness in Christ that sets us free. To never let anything make us feel less than what God created within us. Sometimes the enemy will have us feel as if God neglected us. The devil is a liar! We are worthy of peace, joy, happiness, love, goodness, faith, and all that God has for us. Always remember to never let people, bad experiences, family, relationships, jobs and the world around you make you feel less than whom God has called you to be. You are Worthy In God. Be whom he has called for you to be. We are dedicated to working together. We seek out to always build teamwork and relationships just as Jesus would want us to. Moreover, to create a big family from all different walks of life. Worthy In God is dedicated to serving our community's needs. We go out and serve with a heart of pureness. We seek to collaborate and partner with nonprofit foundations, community events and accept donations to provide to Worthy In God ministry. We will make it a dedication to always serve our community. We strive to donate to Alopecia patients, Sex trafficking, Mental Illness, Veterans, and the Down Syndrome Society. Also, we help out our graduating high school students in scholarship gifting. We support the overall community needs wherever help is needed we will be a helping hand. Matthew 22:39 

"Hope this mission blesses many 🤗& souls being to find the truth of who God is"

 Community service:

Worthy in God Strives to give back to the community. Our hearts will forever stay pure to help others and bring a smile to their faces. When you buy a shirt you are helping and support the people in our world . Thank you for the support and donations . If you would like to donate it will be greatly appreciated. Stay tuned to see the community service that we do around the nation .

Future Of Worthy In God : 

Additionally, the future of Worthy In God is to expand our services everyday and products. Bring a community of togetherness for kids, young adults, adults, and entrepreneurs of all ages. The future of the Worthy of God statement is to excel in properties to create jobs, eventually to have a storefront building lounge that provides products, having our clothing in different clothing retail stores and events. Detailing in where all ages can attend the atmosphere of relaxed and fun environment space. This will entail internships learning marketing skills, business owner skill sets, touring, open and private space cubicles, movie theater, in and outdoor game center, event space, and food bar detailing.

Secondly, to have a corporate resources office that provides resources to the community such as group sessions, library, relationship building, life-essential supplies, financial literacy support, mental therapy counseling, clothing, furniture, appliances, and mentorship.

Thirdly the growth of properties is to expand in commercial building suites for small growing entrepreneurs to grow within their products or services. As well as food and supply vending machines in each Worthy in God property.

Concluding Worthy In God enterprise would entail affordable living for low-income families and provide a unity space of transitioning homeless citizens. Along with supporting the transitioning incarcerated from falling into homelessness. If the lords well, we will branch off into activity centers for the community. This is the future of the Worthy In God Enterprise. Please keep Worthy In God in your prayers so that we can reach these assignments.

God bless. Stay Worthy 🙂