Who is Andrea?
My name is Andrea and here are the things I think you should know about
me.  I have a husband, Chuck, who is quite a guy, and two wonderful
daughters.  I always try to remember to count my blessings and not my
hardhsips.  The Lord has brought me through many of both!  
One thing I am truly thankful for is the salvation I have in Jesus. He is our hope and our future!  One of my favorite things to do is ponder the greatness of God.  I never walk away disappointed.
God has been so faithful in pursuing me and lavishing His love on me and this blog is a collection of devotionals written because of that.  I write on purpose and with purpose in order to draw closer to our heavenly Father. 
Initially, I wrote to remember all the things I learned in life while walking with God.  Now, I write as an overflow from my time studying the Bible.   
As I write, I think I may be talking more to myself than anyone else, so I humbly share these studies and thoughts with other women with the hope that God is seen and glorified.  
It is my prayer that God uses the words He helped me write to help someone else grow closer to Him. Therein lies my mission: to know God and make Him known.  
Specifically, I have a deep pull to tell people, especially women, that they are worth it!  There are so many things in this world of ours that sock us right in the gut, which results in us thinking we are unworthy.  The reality is, we are worth it and we have a great God who proves it!
I've stated my mission and so here is my purpose: to tell people how much God loves them and gave them great worth. My platform is where ever I am, who ever I am with, and on this blog. 
With that being said, it's my thought that devotionals are, at best, pre-chewed.  This means, that I've gone through the process of studying and writing down the things I have learned and you are receiving them second hand. Second to you studying the bible for yourself.  
I will encourage you to do more than read devotionals and to strive to learn how to study the Bible for yourself. Trust me, you will never leave disappointed when you seek God in this way!
So, with my final thought, thank you for visiting this website.  I pray you will be encouraged and sharpened as we are all in the same community under Jesus Christ.
God bless you, and have a great day!